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Waldo interface

Subject:                               Time:10:52 AM
  OFFICE MEMO          Waldo interface                        Date:5/21/90
  Ravi,  I've been having a few problems attempting to compile the febe modules
on the mac.  They're too big.  I'm pretty sure I can get around that problem
without changing any of the code, but it prompted me to look at the code a bit.
 I notice that all of the waldo's are public classes.  I believe this might be
necessary if someone were to implement their own waldo's on the front end, but
I don't believe it is necessary for the clients of waldos (like clients of doc,
link, text...).  Do you think it is reasonable to try and split the interface
into those classes that need to be exposed for the high level (doc, link...)
and the classes required for implementing new waldos.  I think this would be a
good idea. I believe significantly reduce the amount of stubble code required
for applications that don't implement their own waldos, and perhaps make the
waldo interface a bit less imposing for programmers on their first exposure.