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0 constants

The translator message is already installed, and I replaced all the
raw zeros in FM with Qualified zeros.

   Were you planning to do if(foo == &UInt40) and the like?  If not,

Huh?  All these things would be the appropriate kind of object.  Thus
you'd write:

	if (foo == UInt40) {

   (much as I hate special-casing the translator) I'd suggest having
   the ones that are equivalent to things that don't require construction
   translate into c constants of the appropriate type, i.e.:

	   UInt40		=>	(UInt4)0
	   Int40		=>	(Int4)0
	   Long0		=>	0L
	   Int0		=>	(int)0
	   NULL		=>	NULL

I want the constants to read the same in C++ as in Smalltalk.  These
constants can simply be added to the C compatibility module.

Things that belong in other modules (Integer, IntegerVar) go there, of