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Re: The Xanadu 9 Point Plan For Merge Management

> Point 5: Mr. Hill will complete an enhancement to our environment 
> which will automatically put printfs at the beginning of selected 
> methods, allowing us to get a method trace from the C++ while 
> executing. This will accelerate the rate at which we can find 
> the bugs that appear in C++ even though it runs in smalltalk. 
> Such only-C++ bugs are very rare, but very, very expensive to 
> dig out. 

Might be a good idea to design such print strings so they can be
filtered from the normal regression-test output by a simple grep
pattern.  This would allow comparisons with the reference output,
(in those cases where regression test references were available)
to be used to zero in on the problem area.

The trace output should be on stderr, of course, as the simplest
way to maintain synchronization between the trace and regression