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Re: undocumented translator fixes

(System went down while I was responding to this.  I thought it had
 been sent, but "preserve" just told me differently.  Trying again.)

> From tribble Tue Apr 24 18:18:20 1990
> &*#$*@%&*#&*$!
> someone removed the proper translation of returns with && expressions.
> Since the 'return' handler got changed in some other way as well, and
> someone didn't send a message, I haven't the faintest idea what I'll
> break if I try to change it back.

&*#$*@%&*#&*$ indeed!

Rather than trying to get people to remember to send mail (which they
should do, TOO), let's try doing this for all future changes:

Add a comment line or two near the top of the method, thus:

	"5/6/90 mjm	added return of foo because bar
			needs it"

Then whomever is doing the merge can see what was changed, why, and
by whom, so he can contact the changer if there's any remaining question
about the change.