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Re: yacc stack overflow

>From michael Thu Apr 26 19:36:58 1990
	Subject: Re:  yacc stack overflow

	> From roger Thu Apr 26 14:30:44 1990
	> I had some problems with yacc stack overflows, it went away
	> on xanadu.  The problems seems to be some anamolous setup thing on
	> victoria.

	As I recall, xanadu is using a version of one of the compiler
	with an expanded yacc stack, which we obtained from Sun a while
	Victoria, most likely, is running the stock version.

Yes, when Roland discovered that the 4.0.3 version of yacc wouldn't 
compile the C++ grammar we obtained from the net I called Sun and got
a new version with the size of its internal tables doubled. This is 
currently installed on xanadu and could be copied to other SPARC machines.
I also have a Sun-3 version if anyone needs it. BTW the Sun support guy
claims that in 4.1 these tables have been made dynamic, hopefully
eliminating the problem.