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They work (again)

I've gotten all of the xlatexpp test working again.  The last few fixes
involved chasing down 0's in ambiguous places and adding some converter
classes to the cxx browser (Heaper and Integer spaces).  I've filed out
the last changes which were necessary to do this into ech-h.cha.
A note about ech-h.cha:  I creamed my image on Tuesday and had to put it
back together from the base.cha file.  I didn't remember to put a fork in
right afterwards, so ech-h.cha has some stuff that is also in ech-g.cha.
After getting all the tests to run, I finally fixed up the directory
~eric/xu/alpha-5 into a releaseable form.  Its doing a final make as I write
this.  I'v copied my workspace into a new directory and won't be changing
alpha-5 again (hopefully).  When I see that it all works, I'll write protect
all the source, makefiles, &c in alpha-5.
	- e -

PS: if the weather's real nice on Thursday, people are unlikely to see much of