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MarkM's activities

Just to amuse everyone....

MarkM's schedule for Friday included a discussion with a bunch of
Lithuanian students.  Instead, he joined a discussion with a
Lithuanian *delegation* including the head of Finance and a member of
Parliament.  They came for advice on how to move towards a free
market.  After the meeting, MarkM and a few others brainstormed up a
proposal which they sent home with the delegation.  We'll see what
their reaction is....

He also made a presentation to the high level faculty, ostensibly
about Agoric systems.  But he started talking about Xanadu, and they
got interested....  Victor van Berg (associated with Bucannan) got
real interested in the issues the arise when coming up with an
appropriate royalty scheme.  He knows some other people who would like
to think about it as well....

Most important, MarkM thinks he has successfully imported from the
Xanadu/AMIX/etc culture the engineering perspective into the group,
and to the culture around it.  In particular, they now focus more on
designing structures and businesses that can accomplish the radical
aims they desire, rather than all the reasons why governments should
go away (they understand that they too are part of the market that can
accomplish all sorts of neat things).