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There is now a new "release" of the smalltalk image in:

This image is a complete merge with the following extra:
  The xpp code has been completely reorganized around the coordinate space /
region / position / ordering groupings.  This has significantly simplified
the include graph.
  All of xpp compiles.  Most of the rest of the headers compile.
  The cxx browser organization has been fixed up (a bit).
  It doesn't run.

(hey! 2 outa 3 ain't bad...)  Ravi and Eric (H) need to complete a bit of
initialization ordering work to make the stuff run in smalltalk again.  The
changes should be relatively minor.  It all ran before I filed in Ravi's last
changes - which only partly fix the ordering problem.

  There is a condensed version of the image in apr21/cond

p.s. many thanks to eric and ravi for help on the merge