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Tables and sets

I've been working on getting xpp stuff to go across the wire, and it
looks like it would be reasonable to change the storage in HashTables
and IntegerTables from vectors to PrimArrays, so that they don't need
to be self copy. Instead, the code bottoms out at PrimArrays, which
must themselves be self copy. Does this affect the C++ PrimArrays?
(Other than having to coordinate them so that they can be sent and
received correctly.)

Also, in order to get self copy code to translate, we would need to
change the transceiver protocol in C++. The send and receive methods
currently overload on the type of the argument (e.g. "receive(long *)"
and "send(long)" which don't work in smalltalk). The smalltalk
equivalents are "long receiveLong()" and "sendLong(long)". I think we
might be able to avoid this -- PrimArrays might be the only self copy
objects, and they have separate C++ and smalltalk versions anyway.