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Re: :: (ignore this message?)

>From xanadu!michael Mon Apr  9 13:58:18 1990
	From: xanadu!michael (Michael McClary)
	To: xanadu!son-of-blob!eric, xanadu!son-of-blob!tribble,
	Subject: Re:  :: before global functions
	> From eric@son-of-blob Mon Apr  9 09:57:45 1990
	> ::IntegerVar(num) doesn't work at all.  Hugh and I have fixed my version
	> of the translator to print :: in front of all functions, except IntegerVar:,
	> which seems to be a unique case (if others are found a more general solution
	> will be needed).
	Trust me.  Others will be found, and/or this will behavior will turn out to
	be the result of a bug in IntegerVar.
	If you don't understand it, it WILL bite you.  If you fix it by special-
	casing it, it will bite you several times.
uugh!  michael speak truth.  Even stupid observer like I see truth of

keep warm kemosabe.