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Re: :: before global functions

> There are a couple of places where the Manipulator code calls global
> functions that translate to macros in C++. They will not work with ::
> in front of them. We can either (a) use some criterion like upper case
> letters or (b) have a list of functions shouldn't have ::
> (sounds better to me); anything without a :: shouldn't have spaces
> after the comma either, as it screws up symbol concatenation. (I put
> in a hack for this that we should take out once we get a better
> solution).
> 	--ravi

Please let's not do anything (like (b)) that:

 - Requires separate files on separate machines to maintain consistency.
 - Requires coordinated modification of the translator and sources when
   a new function-like macro is added.
 - Creates another thing to be broken by merges.