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history & conflicts idea

Date: Sat, 7 Apr 90 17:03:38 PDT
   From: roger@golem

   I find it annoying that I can't tell who modified a method last.  This
   makes it difficult to tell if its my version or what.  Is there some
   good way to put in a per method auto generated comment and history
   something like
   version on july 14, 1999 by roger Gregory
   replaces version 12.3.31 of aug 27 1999 by mumble

   note date non conflict!	
   there is a big problem with generating the version numbers but
   it would be useful even without the version numbers.

   Is there a simple way to do this?

I had been planning to add author fields to the change manager, for a
number of reasons, and so it would take only a couple of calls to
figure out the information you want. Hacking the parser and the
browser would be a bit harder; maybe I can let Dean do that part :`)