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Re: :: before global functions

>From tribble Sun Apr  8 18:09:39 1990
	From: tribble (Eric Dean Tribble)
	To: xtech
	Subject: :: before global functions
	I just made all global functions print with '::' before them.  I had a
	case where the method 'black' was calling a global functions named
	'black'.  It got very confused....
	Note that we already put '::' before pseudo-constructors.  My only
	worry is that this will put :: before inappropriate things.  'Integer
	IntegerVar: num' will translate to '::IntegerVar(num)'.

::IntegerVar(num) doesn't work at all.  Hugh and I have fixed my version
of the translator to print :: in front of all functions, except IntegerVar:,
which seems to be a unique case (if others are found a more general solution
will be needed).

This change is in ech-b.cha.  Also in this file there are various compilability
fixes as well as a repair to the CxxBrowser so that it believes that the text
is saved when you ^S on a meta class definition text pane.

	- e -  with the assistance of heh