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Static initialization

The waldo maker mechanism requires some work to be done at init time
to register a maker for each waldo class. We have a mechanism that
works in Smalltalk, and MarkM & I came up with a method for
translating the subset that we currently use. I'd just like to flash
it past the rest of you for suggestions before implementing it.

Any class can implement a "initTimeNonInherited" method, which is
called by the Tester before doing anything. This translates to
top-level code, *outside function scope*, that can be used for a
limited number of purposes:

(1) Initializing class variables. An assignment to a class variable in
this code is preceded by the definition of the variable. Any class
variables not so assigned are assumed to be smalltalk-only.

This isn't quite right, because subclasses that aren't in the same
file don't get access to the class variable. We need a better way.

(2) Calling macros to set up fluid vars and such. These macros in
smalltalk are messages sends to classes, of the form
	WaldoMaker WALDOMAKER: TextDoc with: DirectRecord with: NULL
which translate to
	WALDOMAKER(TextDoc, DirectRecord, NULL);
and the macro is defined somewhere in a C++ only file.

I'm going to work on type converters for a day or so while I think
about this, so if anyone has any improvements I'd love to hear them.