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buying hypertext

Rick made a comment "isn't that just hypertext?"  that didn't strike
me funny until marcs reacted to it.  It reminded me of a point that
I've expounded casually:

People won't buy HyperText!!!

Fine.  10 people will buy HyperText.  BFD.  Most people will buy
solutions to there problems. However. hypertext as a medium happens to
support better solutions (due to versions and linking) than the
current generations of tools.  This means that people probably will
buy hypertext based case/text/collaboration tools because they are
BETTER than current tools.  But the marketting glitz will wear off
after a while and noone will care that the word "hyper" is in the name
of every newly released product.

Eventually, hypertext by itself may be useful and interesting, but
right now, I'd settle for a great document/email/conferencing system.