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Re: Weekly Planning Meeting, 3/13

I may have failed to tell you about a detail, Marc -- a rather
IMPORTANT detail for Xanadu, perhaps:  in the course of selecting final
features for AutoCAD Release 11, there was a big panic about not being
able to finish everything by the time we absolutely HAD to have
everything finished, so we cut out a few features.  Among those cut:
the two features I had added to enable AutoCAD to be used as a server.
Hence, a stock AutoCAD R11 won't be able to connect with Xanadu, at
least not in the way I had envisioned.  Fortunately, the code is still
there but turned off, so demo versions can be built very easily.  But
the sort of two-headed monster I had been planning (with user
interaction in either the Xanadu FE window or the AutoCAD window) won't
be a possible product until R 12.