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Re: Documentation riposte, part 4

Rick,  I agree with the chunking principle about as vehemently as
you seem to dislike it.  It may be a measure of how our respective brains
work, but for me, having a >clear< indication of the size of the material
to be consumed helps to focus my attention.  Hypercard chunks may be a bit
too small (but only by a little...).  I really really dislike documentation
that drivels on, neatly broken into paragraphs that ALL have to be read to
get a picture of what is going on.  (that's probably just bad writing, but
if an imposed chunkiness helps...)
  Basically, I can generally go through "chunked" documentation much faster,
with much better retention.  If individual paragraphs are carefully written,
that is usually sufficient, but the addition of writer supplied indications
that a particular group of paragraphs provides a complete thought or concept
allows me "focus breaks".  That is, there are very clear points in the text
where I can stop and internalize the material just read.