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Re: innovations

> You see yesterday, we got rid of Stamps, SubStamps, and SubBerts, put
> Stamps back in, restored OgrlIDs, shuffled the class hierarchy, added
> another table to the GrandMap, etc., all in a couple of hours.[]  Wids
> have essentially gone away (or rather become dspative).  []  we get rid
> of special cases for
> normalizing wisps.  We also never get overlap, even when splaying
> boxes, spheres, and fractals in the same area.  Finally, K-D trees,
> BTrees, and enfilades with normalized wisps all seem to just fall out
> without all hacks we've got for optimizing them.  Neat!
> At the moment, our minds are racing with such notions as efficiently
> storing deterministic fractals (and defining a coordinate space for
> them), efficient support for solid modelling, and efficient support
> for ray-tracing.

What?  Let's see...

> From tribble@evilotto Wed Feb 28 22:42:58 1990

No, it's not April 1.

	When do we get the explanation of how it works?