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crutch installation

I can see two ways to do it: 1) make a CCC analogous to CC that runs the 
preprocessor output for each file through the crutch then invokes CC
with the appropriate substitutions.  Advantage: it treats the crutch
as a fix to cfront, which, conceptually, is what it is. Disadvantage:
you have the overhead of an extra pass even where you know you won't
need it.  2) do it like stubble: the makefiles involved recognize
some characteristic of the file name. BIG Disadvantage: it further
complicates an already messy naming scheme.  As a kludgy solution, I
suggest a #define HALE to be included at the beginning of source files
that don't need the crutch.  

BTW when I run cpp on a file, then the crutch, then CC, it works
but I get "undefined function" warnings.  Is there some magic I might
be missing about sandwiching something between preprocessor and

- roland