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Re: Inclusion Lists for Hypercardus Clonus

>From marcs Tue Feb 13 09:58:13 1990

	Another benefit of an inclusion list/passage based Clonus is 
	that you can kinda look at the CloneCards with any other frontend 
	that can read inclusion lists and passages, such as the infoFactory.

	But this second benefit is actually more of a cost: you can kinda 
	look at the CloneCards with other things that really won't understand 
	them. My suspicion is that, for the ordinary user on an ordinary 
	day, we didn't do him any favors, letting him pick up a field&button 
	doc as an inclusion list.
More importantly we can use the same documents, and text/media fragments in
hyper-docs written for each front end.  The documents mostly get shared.

	If this IS doing him a favor, great, implement it this way. I 
	can imagine using the InfoFactory as a CloneCard editor--but 
	it would be a very raw editor, i.e., no syntax or semantic support, 
	the kind of thing Unix people would love, but which would be 
	suicidal for occasional users.
Why do you insist on thinking of the InfoFactory as the cannonical
standard editor.  There will be hundreds of editors, and there is an immense
value in keeping them able to read each others documents.  I believe it would be
a disaster if my fe can't quote part of a HC document and criticize or comment
on it. 

I see now why you want Ted to stop talking about how Xanadu will stop
the balkinization of data, its because you don't want to let it stop
the proliferation of data representations.