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Re: for Performance Engineering phase: Can Vars be roots?

>From vlad!mark Tue Feb 13 01:41:04 1990
	An interesting possibility (best postponed till performance
	engineering phase) is to have IntegerVar's and CheckedPtrVar's not be
	Var's nor Tofu's.  Instead, they could be their own root class.  The
	benefit of doing this is that then (hopefully) they could do without
	vtables (having no virtual functions).  The problem is how we could
	support their interaction with Stubble & with garbage collection if
	they have no virtual functions.  I think this is solvable, but haven't
	thought deeply about this.

So what if they have vtables?  Does'nt that just cost us on the virtual
function calls.  If they are leaf then it costs nothing.