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Re: "BackFollow", my $.02

I don't have nearly the problem with this terminology that bobp
has, in fact I like it.

As heh points out, there is a notion of having traversed "from"
somewhere, "to" somewhere *when* the ``backfollow'' operation is
employed.  (Elaboration:  Unlike links, which are created once
[statically], the traversal action is dynamic with a notion of
moving (directionally) along a link "from" one passage "to" another.
Although one may argue that the ``backfollow'' operation is
identical in concept to this [since you're moving ``from'' this
passage ``to'' another], I like the use of *back*follow since the
new endset will contain the passage I just moved "from" to get here.

Clear?  (as mud?)

Anyway, terminology is a cooperative effort and 'nuff folks seem
to dislike any reference to directionality.  OK by me but, like
heh, I think "FindLinks" is a too-weak descriptor.

Yours for semantics (we need 'em)