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Re: Berts&Orgls

To minimally hook up Hypercard to Xanadu with XCMDs, you would 
still want to have all the fields on a single card to have a 
single version control and permissions control structure. 
I suppose we could actually 
do that with inclusion lists that use containment, and pay no 
attention to the fact that the hierarchical structure of an inclusion 
list is overkill for card field organization. We would use the 
headline in the inclusion list as the field name, so that the hypercard
user could sort out the individual items to go into the different 
fields on the screen.

To actually implement Hypercard-like objects in Xanadu, you would 
want all the components (the foreground picture, each text field, 
and each button) to fall under the same version control and permissions 
control together. You also want to carry a bunch of related information 
(like the names of the fields, their sizes and locations, the 
scripts, etc) around inside the same bubble. 

It's this grouping into a single bubble of many heterogeneous 
things, each with lots of record-like attributes, that is different 
from anything we've got at the moment.

Ravi, would it be easy to implement hyper-cards in waldos? Please 
do not think about this too much; it is definitely postponeable.