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Re: FromNess, ToNess

> From chip@xxxxxxxx Tue Jan 30 21:15:32 1990
> I realize that the Xanadu terminology has evolved considerably while I've
> been preoccupied with trying to get Amix working, but I confess that I am
> puzzled by the repeated references to the Delaware & Lackawanna (D&L) and the
> Baltimore and Ohio (B&O).  I thought I was the only railfan around here.

It's easy to understand if you remember that Xanadu is a data moving
and storage company.

The frontend shippers truck the data to the D&L, where it is stored in
boxcars and hauled cross-country.  Eventually it is transshipped to the
B&O layer, which hauls it through a forest to a secret entrance to the
salt mines under lower Michigan, where gnomes from URDI guard it as it
is unloaded and stored.  (Separate archival copies will eventually be
shipped through the railroad tunnel to Canada, by the B&B, but that line
is still being surveyed.)

I'm not sure how directly the D&L connects to the B&O.  I've mostly been
keeping the gnomes of URDI in line and designing BOMB()s to collapse
tunnels in the salt mines without letting the Detroit river in.  I'm
currently taking language lessons, preliminary to dickering with Paul
Bunyan for some logging work in the forest.  (His crew will be cutting
timbers for the mines, next log time.)

The above is Xanadu Most Proprietary Information and Secret Stuff (XMPISS)
and should not be disclosed to outside agents unless they are threatening
the lives of at least THREE staff members.