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change management in Smalltalk

I've put all the requested changes into the change manager, along with
some other enhancements and bug fixes. With this enhancement, you
should evaluate

	ChangeRecorder changesPrefix: 'st80:releases:next:ravi-'

(substitute path and name as appropriate) to set the default prefix
WHENEVER YOU GET A NEW IMAGE.  Any change manager requests other than
necessary bug fixes will be queued until after Autofact.

I have one other suggestion, which is that there be an 'init.st' file
containing all the messages to send to initialize class and global
variables upon building a new image. This should be built from the
previous file by the person who builds the image. If one of your
fileouts requires a DoIt to initialize, put it in a .ini file (e.g.
ravi-a.ini for ravi-a.cha).