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Re: FromNess, ToNess

I do not know how sophisticated ravi's waldos have become, but to me
the clear reason why we want to open up orgls is so that people can
create new kinds of documents. Please note that in a short handful
of months, while working hard to keep the rest of the world out of 
our hair, we saw fit to create 3 kinds of documents ourselves: the
basic document used for passages, the hierarchical document used for
inclusion lists, and the graphics document for AutoCAD. I am pretty
sure we will want to introduce another kind of document for Hypercard-like
frontends; we've already discussed it, and the reason we didn't do
it already is that we don't need it yet.

Obviously, we would become the world's bottleneck if every significantly
new kind of application had to wait while the Designers Of Xanadu
figured out how to implement the document correctly in orgls. We should
let the developers of applications design their own documents if they
see the need, and let the marketplace sort 'em out.