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Re: FromNess, ToNess

>Why do you think 4 ended links will be so useful soon?

I suppose it's just a shortcut, but I can imagine many scenarios 
in which a user divines an nth prong in a relationship that needs 
to be reflected as one integral, complex relationship. Suppose 
that while reading a document A and encountering a link to B, 
I discover a previously unanticipated relationship between both 
A & B to document C, one which screams to be reflected in A, 
B & C. I could create links from C to both A & B independently 
but then anyone reading A would not necessarily know that whatever 
it was that motivated the link to C simultaneously motivated 
a link to B (that is, without first traversing the link and then 
seeing the additional connection). Ditto for the readers of B. 
This could result in a significant loss of context.

This reminds me of the controversy regarding "letterboxing" of 
home video transfers of widescreen movies (resulting in the black 
bands above and below the picture). People who complain about 
letterboxing usually don't realize that the alternatives are 
a) you crop the edges and lose part of the picture, or b) you 
move the transfer machine around in the frame during the transfer, 
trying to capture everything in the frame. Either way you don't 
get the same effect as seeing it all at once, and you certainly 
don't see what the director intended.

-- bobp