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Re: FromNess, ToNess, Numbness

I like the notion of "anchor points". In my most recent draft of the XSOD
I've started using the term "LinkEnd", which is similarly neutral and can
be distinguished from "EndSet" (all LinkEnds are EndSets, but not all
EndSets are LinkEnds).

I'm not sure "origin" is really going to be that useful since it could be
quite arbitrary (if I ask my frontend to create a link between A and B just
because I think they're "related", which is the "origin"?).

Ultimately, directionality is only meaningful in context and the context can
always be determined from the EndSet data structures associated with the
linked material, including the descriptors. So we can keep things nice and
simple by just thinking of LinkEnds (anchor points) that interconnect, period.

-- bobp