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Re: for your amusement: Xanadu paper topics

Looking at dean and markm's list, the following topics just rolled 
off my keyboard, so I figured I'd publish them. Some of them 
overlap with titles already listed, but I suspect that the ones 
I'd write would be enough different to produce long threads of 
additional discussion :-)

The Empty Room Speaker in Filtered Conferences:  Diagnosis, 
Prevention, and Cure
Mountains and Molehills: the inculcation of survival oriented 
value systems
Underpinnings of Collaborative Software
The Sloganeering Double Bind, Its Role in Cultural Rigidity
Resolution of the Homesteading Dilemma in social systems
Incentives In Computation Based Social Systems(make the right 
way the easy way)
Name Space Management
A Taxonomy of Link Type Taxonomies
Strategies for Link Type Set Design
Common Link Structures, Use and Abuse
Management of Computationally Induced Social Reorganization
Merit Identification in Computationally Rich Social Systems
A Modest Proposal for Standards about Standards Committees