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for your amusement: Xanadu paper topics

MarkM and I thought we'd accumulate this list just for the fun of it.
It's not organized, and there are redundancies, but I'd love to add
other suggestions.  We tried to include only substantiated papers, but
a few that we really *want* to write snuck in.  If only half the list
are real papers, then we still have our work cut out (BobP?).
Principled Design of a Code Library
Modularization Principles for OOP
Types as Contracts
Shallow Inheritance
Creative use of Visibility Restrictions
Contingency Clauses in Type Contracts
Upgrading Server/Client Protocol during operation
Building Abstractions with Networks of Objects (Embedding vs. Inheritance)
	Small protocols
What is wrong with Multiple Inheritance
Modularity as an Absolute! and abstractions are simple
Building Kitchens (Inventing on a budget)
The Xanadu Development Project Reminiscence
Herding Cats
Key++ Scheduling
Developmental Tradeoffs
Influence of Office Layout on the formation of High performance teams
Visual Design Processes
Strategies for exposing interfaces to maximize upgrade opportunities
Designing for Evolvability
Using Videotape for design capture
Heaper vs. Var Objects
Bignums in C++
Object Equality
Immutable objects

Garbage Collection
Tombstones and Sequence Numbers
Regression Testing
Module structure
Cxx Browser
Classes have no friends
pseudo-constructors and type conversion
Storage Management
Extensible Hashing
Exception Handling
Coordinate Spaces, organizing Collections
	Positions, Regions, Dsps
Choose Macro
0 overhead object wrapping with mebedded objects and inlines
Exception Handling
Change Manager in Smalltalk
Structured Debug

Orgls & Berts (MultiOrgls)
Waldoes and SubHands
Docs & Links
Link Types (and taxonomies)
Link Context Management
Embedded vs Standalone Links
Backfollow and Filtering
Berts for Transactions
Encapsulation for Security (using Objects and Stubble)
Diverge/Converge Version handling
Version Comparison Techniques
Containment vs Reference
Types and Invariants: Open Systems Registration and DeRegistration
Properties of intersection of C++ and Smalltalk
Robust Servers
Datatypes without preconditions
Agoric Archiving (Disk as Cache)
Distributed Design Motivation
Protections vs Permissions (Facilitate what you can't prevent)
Historical Tracing
Spectrum from email to conferencing
Copy-on-write/modify trick

Dynamic Dictionary
Real MVC (Controller hierarchy and viewer hierarchy)
Incremental Update and Animation
Principles mixing of Immediate vs Eventually Semantics
Piecewise Linear Utility Maximization for Layout
Making Warps as SEF representations of coord. system
Compositing Text

simple ent
enfilade theory
interned sets
General vs Special Interface
Splay algorithms (Region splay?)
Partial Orgls
Recorders and Sensors
Putting the Ent on Disk
Disk Optimization
Boxing Heuristics
Text Justification Enfilade
MultiOrgls in the Ent
Symetrically Chunky Ent
Strict Arity Bounds

Data-structure Bloopers
Tropic of Bert/Sensor
Complimentary Rearrange
Diamond Enfilade
Chunky vs Creamy vs Old Chunky Ent
2-3 tree ent
Tumblers (arithmetic)
Old Historical Trace
Point Spanfilade
IStream vs VStream
Spherical Enfilade
ND Enfilade

Words as Shelling Points for Meaning
Abstractions and Evolution and Emergent Properties
Hypertext support of InterDisciplinary research (destroying islands)
Eco analysis of ID research
Hypertext and the evolution of Hypertext and the Evolution of Knowledge
Global Namespaces Considered Harmful
Global Namespaces Considered Harmful