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Weekly Planning Meeting, 1/16

I want to semantically distinguish slightly between lunch bets and
lunch offers.  I bet there are no bugs in my splay algorithms or their
implementations.  However, I'm sure we can invent improvements to the
spatial-behavior protocol.  And it's worth a lunch to me to find them
(since I have to document and debug this code).  Note that Ravi and
MarkM may collect when I fold in a modification based on a discussion
following the Tuesday meeting.  It looks like SpatialBehaviors and the
the splay algorithms will never deal with Positions, only Regions.
One or two methods may just drop out of the SpatialBehavior protocol
(the 2 split methods).


PS You have a 'region display meeting' scheduled between MarkM and I.
It should be 'region splay meeting'.