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Re: FromNess, ToNess

To bastardize Neitzche (sp?) ... "from the frog's perspective the
world lives in a bubble" (from something somewhere in the beginning
part of "Beyond Good and Evil"  [see, if I had a Xanadu, I could
just link "to" (er, "from"?) it!]).

While I agree completely with bobp regarding the directionality of
links (i.e., it depends entirely on your perspective -- where you
currently are), I do think "From" and "To" are useful terms.  Just
don't think of them as constants.  I think of "from" as "where I am"
and "to" as "where I am going", similiarly "back" and "backfollow"
are mutable, being "the direction from whence I came to this point."
One moves "forward" "from" her home document toward and through
others, and "backtracking" and "backfollowing" depend on the dynamic
path that caused me to be here.

Anyway, I vote "From/To" as being preferable to "1Space/2Space",
"Active/Passive" or "squat" since they imply motion.  Just be sure
to convey the notion that one man's from is another woman's to.