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FrontEnd Issues Part 2


134 How do we make endset window understandable?
135 Description issue - Need another line for endset composed of other 
136 FM doesn't currently draw rectangles.
137 FM - Implementing scrolling.
138 Can endset window be delayed until Mid-Beta?
139 If recorder records both bert hops and links, attaching a single 
    link causes it to hop infinitely.
140 Can a user or multiple users inadvertently set up an infinite loop?
141 Replace flatview with collapsed inclusion list and 2 expanded  
    adjacent documents and transition as suggested by Markm.  


142 Rename Comparison Window.  Call it Merge Window.
143 Add SHOW and HIDE for selected change.
144 Algorithm for displaying tree of edits.
145 The meaning of publishing; whether published things can be edited.
146 3-way compare.


147 Remove NEW and OPEN.  Do ancillary functions depend on these?
148 File menu is so long that it scrolls.
149 Alternate name for inclusion list.  Composition tree?
150 Open Look and other window system terms for SAVE.
151 Should there be a dialog box when a window closes to SAVE?
152 Save bert vs. Publishing bert.
153 Unsaved edit states persistant, like hypercard.
154 Marcs and Bobp discuss Mac issues.
155 Should TRACE be on the edit or the file menu?
156 Should we keep REVERT?  It duplicates TRACE, and most people don't 
    use it.
157 All DELETE issues.  What can we make DELETE mean?
158 "Delete the selected thing" as a default.
159 Dean, remember why we have to differentiate between the selected 
    thing and what was selected because of the selection.
160 RELINQUISH or ABANDON as alternatives to DELETE.
161 Mechanism for getting to a huge body of documents when one has 
    erased the link.  (Garbage collection probably)
162 Giving someone a chance to assign storage resources to a document 
    that someone would otherwise erase.  "Sponsor of last resort".  We 
    need a signal of erasure. (Archiving related)
163 Default funding of documents, to sponsor any document that you link 
164 Mechanism to stop funding the links you're sponsoring to what you 
165 Backing up vs. "unfunding".  (Archive issue)
166 Should ARCHIVE by called BACK-UP?
167 Distinguish "backup pool" and "archive document".
168 Security issue:  Must back-up process be a system administrator 
169 Who controls the users controlling club?
170 How many times does user repeat password request?
171 Can you specify any document as an alert document?
172 Should we allow an alarm document to be a passage instead of an 
    inclusion list?
173 Different levels of alarms and multiple alarm documents.
174 System administrator's view of link types.
175 Consensual agreement mechanism for link types.
176 Implementation at Docs and Links level:  How to find link types.
177 Multiplicity of link panes for individual users.
178 Delete abbreviations on link types and permissions menus.
179 What to call variations?  (variations = "documents that share 
180 Interaction between InfoFactory versions require changing AUTHOR to 
    ENDORSEMENT in the link pane too.
181 Editions are stamps, so we can't do endorsements on editions in this 
182 Is filtering by link types related to endorsement?
183 What is the simplest thing to do with edit clubs and endorsers?
184 Deleting endorsements.
185 Direct support of link type filter.
186 Implementation of showing links to other documents and showing links 
    if they are to this same document.  Mid-Beta.
187 Why did Marcs say in the endset window documentation, "Show 
    documents that contain entire endset"?


188 Reference is a bad word.
189 For Proponents Manual: Proponent, in conjunction with system 
    administrator, must ensure that the first thing a naive user sees 
    is reasonable.
190 Proponent activities distinct from system administrator activities.  
    Preferences and configurations default set apart, with division of 
    labor in the group.  (With regard to system admin., setting all 
    this.)  Link types should not be in system admin.


191 Attach set-up preferences to each user's home document so there will 
    be tools for the user to edit defaults.  But nothing in FE to do 


192 Single virtual disk.
193 Michael - Pull out disk interface. (Urdi issue)
194 Separately removable media.
195 Printing issues - printing line pane, inclusion list.
196 What formats will we support for text and pictures?
197 Support Microsoft Word.
198 Quit and Table Top questions.  How often do we update the memory of 
    what the Table Top looks like?  When does one commit changes to 
    disk?  Larger issue - Is the Table Top reset every time a window is  
    closed?  Setting of preferences, filters.  Return to the state where 
    you quit.
199 How much state of the Table Top do we keep? We are dealing with the 
    fact that things might change underneath the user.
200 When you grab a document to write on, that pins it.


201 Setability of the number of saves you can undo across.
202 Show the operation you are about to undo.
203 Don't have implementation of historical trace.
204 Discuss not doing historical trace for first release.  Mid-Beta.
205 Coordination of edit bert and save bert on an undo.
206 How to show last change without a save.
207 Subtle distinction between doing a trace to an edition (carrying the 
    bert with you) and following an object in the link pane to an 
    edition (not carrying the bert).
208 SAVE AS from the other side:  we need a visible bert you can grab; 
    we need to be able to hop it to an existing document state 
209 Prevention of inadvertent SAVE AS. Michael suggested  EDIT, 
    SAVE BERTS and PUBLISH icons to use for historical tracing and 
    icons for DISK and DISK COMMUNICATING WITH OTHERS. (Not a first 
    release issue.)
210 What does SAVE AS mean?
211 Clipboard coordination. Do objects cut, copied and pasted continue 
    to be the same character objects?  (Probably a resolved issue.)
212 Reserve the term PUBLISH for a public system's irrevocable action.
213 We need an easy way to expand hidden inclusion list information and 
    include it in an inclusion list.  (With SELECT ALL people will 
    make mistakes.)
214 What does SELECT ALL refer to?  Marc suggests "make this an 
    endset".  Users will probably want contents +.  Setting-sensor 
    difficulties in this context.
215 Semantics of selecting just the bert.  (Backend issue)
216 What are the contents of an inclusion list?  Are references 
    documents included?
217 Invert selection in the link pane.  (Mid-Beta issue) 
218 With regard to selection, we need independent determination of which 
    is active, content or link pane.
219 We need 0, 1, 2, 4, 6, 18, other...tree depth instead of a number.
220 Duplicate window.
221 Suggestion that all windows viewing the same information be tiled.
222 Visual indication on an inactive window that is shows the same 
    document as in an active window.
    users, a HOLD VIEW pin icon.
224 Implications for multiple users:  if one is viewing the bert without 
    grabbing it, does it change on another's screen?
225 Does the circle icon mean that someone has grabbed the bert, or just 
    that you aren't using it?
226 Will COLLAPSE TO PARENT go away with Markm's implementation 
    supplanting the inclusion list?
227 Make tree view toggle to flat view.
228 Double click on flat view icon to open up another view, positioned 
    on the document behind the headline where you clicked.  Should 
    double click simply open a single reference document inside the tree 
229 Should we support hoisting?
230 Promotion and demotion.  Header is A; kids are B - Z.  Kids become 
    siblings of A.  Select contiguous siblings and make them dragable.
231 Implementation of dragging sets of siblings on FM.  (Issue for Dean)
232 Vertical grids for dragging contiguous selections.
233 Should selection in the inclusion list be like Mac text selection or 
    like Mac outline selection?
234 Should selection apply to all views or just to the active one?
235 Should inclusion list be a link tree?
236 Should the link list be replaced with the inclusion list resulting 
    from the composition?
237 Naming paradigm for multiple Backend communication.  Distribution 
    language as a replacement for "Info Factory":  e.g., "back orders"
238 Consider filter to consist of selections in link pane.
239 Should we have INCLUDE LINK ENDS?
240 Do pending documents go in a document accessible and editable using 
    existent tools?
241 COMPARE should be called MERGE.
242 We need a COMPARE that isn't a MERGE.
243 Differentiate Xanadu version compare from others.
244 Don't call it version compare.  Rename.  (Legal issue)
245 Three document merge.  Show changes required to apply changes from 
    Foo to Bar to Bas.  (This can be clarified by Michael.)
246 Don't have second option at the bottom of the screen.  Confusion of 
    deletion from which document.
247 Remove entire CREATE references at screen bottom.
249 Use graphics.
250 Traverse path should be highlighted after user traverses in order to 
    facilitate return to where s/he came from.
251 Pop-open window, old material goes into a newly created "old 
    window".  Double-clicking sends user back to where he came from.  
    Window could just be moved, and a new one created where the old one 
    was.  If this is done three times, where do they stack?
252 GO BACK link for when user clicks on bottommost link that doesn't 
    match in another window.  (Mid-Beta)
253 With regard to Searching, add MORE, changing dialog as an example. 
254 Where do SEARCH alternatives go?
255 Make SELECTIONS a hierarchical menu.
256 Alphabet that we can represent for FIND command.
257 System Independent Attributes for Formatting. We need a meeting.
258 Should paragraph style include character style?
259 Specification of tabs, how far apart they are, uniform tabs.
260 When read permissions are changed, user may want to open links.  If 
    using stand-alone links, user should be asked, "Do you want to 
    change links?  Change permission on links?"
261 When you split a headline in an inclusion list, which one is the 
    reference document attached to?  Suggestions:  Whichever end has 
    more material or to both of them by default.
262 When switching from content to reference, should read group mimic 
    the original document or be private? 
263 If user wants to retrieve something from archive, user needs to be 
    able to work during retrieval period and then be alerted.
264 If endset is a picture, its description could be a compressed 
    version.  (Mid-Beta - resolution issue)
265 What is the bert name in the case of lazy creation, if hitting a 
    return in an inclusion list creates a new empty document attached to 
    an empty headline?

At this point, we ran out of time for in-depth discussion.  

266 To support embedded user traverse links, add features to endset 
    window to choose home for link, to, from, indicate document.
267 Three versions of link icon:  EMBEDDED AT THIS END, EMBEDDED AT 
268 Remove DELETE LINK choice from file menu.
269 Always filter for "only links current in current bert", or put on 
    the filtering pane "just links embedded in current document".  
    (Backend issue)
270 Filter for "only links embedded in this state of this document".
271 Add to the link pane a representation of "this is the home document 
    but it is not connected".