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Issues uncovered in FrontEnd Capability Reviews

So many issues were uncovered that I am sending out a raw list of them 
in two e-mail messages.  Here's the first half:


1.  Stubble can't deal with sensors yet.
2.  Related to #1, Mark can't get translator to work.
3.  Alternative icons.  (Bring in designer pre-Beta.)
4.  Should the linkpane scrollbar disappear when the linkpane is closed?
5.  Add conventional scrolling icons.
6.  Cross migration of icons in different windowing systems, legal 
7.  Should default sensors change when the default changes?  Issue for 
    the frontend is what do users want.  Issue for Ent is if we are 
    going to have sensors change as default changes.  If a filter is 
    changed, we want that to be retroactive.  Identifying the sensors 
    that use a given filter.
8.  Alternative backend name for recorder.
9.  If a sensor is attached to an entire document (to bert and all the 
    contents) and material is inserted into the document, then someone 
    attaches a signal to the insertion and then attaches a link in 
    another context, will it ring?  Issue:  putting another link on the 
    document through another bert.
10. Add a double click to set the descriptor when creating a new endset.
11. Which end do you see "refutes" from when you're looking across that 
    link? (Mid Beta issue)
12. Related issue.  Alternative feature - double click to initiate 
    creation of endset.  Issue:  Changing how symmetry occurs.
13. Making public all the associated pieces to what you want made 
    public.  (Don't want to have to make publication specification on 
    every footnote.)
14. Permissions defaults to too much privacy.
15. Alternative icon - open eyeball for default permissions other than 
16. FM issue:  Independent pop-up menus.
17. Alternative icon - Arrow pointing to a square - for New Document 
18. Can't have a lazy creation without difficulty.  (Issue of not having 
    a temporary document, made permanent with a save.)
19. Okay for backwards-direction garbage collection?
20. Highlighting individuals included in a permissions group when one 
    chooses that group - by a checkmark, grey background.
21. Can one commit while working on a document, making it persistent to 
    the next session?
22. Is the default filter for sensors frequently the same as for the 
    linkpane?  (Mid-Beta issue)
23. Related performance issue for both linkpane and default sensor.
24. Markm's alternative to radar icon, filter list and linkpane.  
    Replace these with symmetrical multi-purpose icons (one hidden until 
25. Related issue, ease of link creation, potential difficulty with 
    multi-purpose icons.
26. Is a linear list of trailing window adequate?  Tree implementation 
    is trivial.
27. FM issue for Dean, related to semi-circular and arrow scrolling 
    icons:  How to determine the last character visible on the screen.
28. Markm's alternative icons for scrolling (2 stacked irregular solid 
    polygons representing blocks of text, the upper icon trailed by 3 
    dots, the lower preceded by dots).
29. Are the edit icons distinctive enough?
30. Heavier weight for version fork.
32. Chalk-passing protocol.
33. Michael's proposal for a watching-eyes icon following the cursor.
34. Dean's suggestion to toggle cursor icon [ )(, )O( ] and to put it up 
    with the other icons.
35. Grabbing Berts Awareness issue.  Which one is being grabbed if 
    multiple windows are open on the screen?
36. Related issue.  What happens if you don't have it grabbed and start 


37. Alternative needed to boxes representing "reading" time of linked 
38. Horizontal scrolling nonexistent.
39. Related issue.  Slow redraw if we wrap the window.
40. Option of wrapping to ruler or window.
41. Text window shouldn't jump when a link is selected.
42. Michael's browser suggestion: a narrow window showing location of 
    selections as horizontal highlighted bands.  Problem:  resolution of 
    screen in a large document.
43. Should the things attached to the document, but not to its contents, 
44. If something highlights all the time, it isn't giving any 
45. Alternative icon needed for the linktype "is nothing there".
46. Type/Author/Description take up too much space.
47. Docs and Links Issue:  Haven't resolved where indicators for type, 
    author and description will be put.
48. Should link-icon column also highlight the whole document instead of 
    the current window or another?
49. No specs in Docs and Links for names of clubs.
50. No specs in Docs and Links for names of filters.
51. Alternative name for the link pane.  It's really a back-follow pane.  
    Annotation Pane suggested.
52. Ration of Berts to Stamps.
53. What would be the storage overhead for keeping all history at edit 
    level, migrating to archive instead of being deleted.  Size and 
    speed issue.  Could be faster to keep it.
54. Should the list of variants include documents that used to contain 
    part of the endset?
55. Stand-alone vs. embedded links.  Possible changes to InfoFactory to 
    have embedded links the irregularities of which a user can handle.
56. When the mouse in held down on Type, Author, Description (everything 
    but Link) show as much of the endset as fits in the pane.  If that 
    endset contains discontiguous chunks, will they look contiguous?  
    Floating window suggested.
57. Should we open another window on a document already on the screen or 
    bring it to the fore and scroll to the selection?
58. Ability to edit the same document from multiple windows.  Docs and 
    Links issue.  No problem for FM.
59. Should "most recently used" be the default for first choice?
60. The term "active", the concept of activeness in windows. (Consider 
    layers of windows, paradigms of operating systems.)
61. Alternative display of endset window on left of screen.  By holding 
    down the mouse on Type, Author or Description, browing through 
    various link targets very quickly by dragging.  Floating detached 
    windows would do that.
62. Multi-bert endsets.
63. Context information across reference structures.  Refers to having 
    an inclusion list as endset.
64. From set as endset.
65. Darkened semicircle icon as a "from set" icon, meaning "more in 
    other documents has been selected".  3 posssible states for this 
    icon:  "more stuff in the same document", "more stuff in a different 
    document", or "no more stuff".  Issue for virtual copies in Roger's 
66. "Delete all paragraphs of" function.  Solution is on the menu bar.
67. Undefined, unbuilt History Document.  Requires records for recording 
    Bert hops.

(Video Tape was switched sometime before this.  Issue 68 is definitely 
on Tape 2.)

68. Original Context should promote choice for default endset when no 
    window is open.
69. Size of the endset in data objects (known count).  Bert 
    context. Default Endset issue.  
70. Presentation of Docs and Links by Ravi needed.
71. Are we getting the size of the document or of the endset?
72. If the endset is an inclusion list, is it the inclusion list object 
    or the inclusion list object plus referenced objects?
73. If the endset is multimedia, go to the other document, determine the 
    type of endset and number of objects per second.  Ravi suggests it 
    can be done when the link is created.
74. Relationship between filtering by linktype and endorsements.
75. Endorsements on links.
76. Specifying types for different charactor attributes.
77. Retraction by trashing attributes.
78. System dependent/application dependent FEFE communication.
79. Mapping types onto applications that can read them.
80. While looking at an application that can read only, being able to 
    move the document into an application that can edit.
81. FE registration with the BE Waldo types they can handle is not 
    implemented by Ravi yet.
82. Calculating size at link-creating time at berts & orgls layer.
83. Processing time on various FE machines with different software.
84. Retrieval time out of Archive.
85. Visual signal for "Do you want to get that?  It's in Archive."
86. Add ? icon to column of "time needed to read this" icons.
87. This column should be Mid-Beta.
88. Author = edit club = "by" field.
89. Displaying the name of the last user to edit instead of 
    displaying the name of the club to which s/he belongs.
90. Rename "author".
91. Author issue.
92. "By" will be one person, especially for links.  Test this prediction 


93. Rename InfoFactory.
94. Do we need to be able to filter by time?  Mid-Beta issue.
95. Can we ?  Mid-Beta.
96. Should a double click include the single click effect?
97. Interupting a paint procedure by releasing the mouse button after 
    holding it down.
98. Should we do double buffering?
99. "Select contents" and "select whole document" on menu bar.
    "Select all" get the whole document (documents and contents).  
100 The support of the concept of an edition in the context of changing 
    permissions is problematical.  (No canonical historical trace 
    document associated with the bert.)  [This is not an issue with this
    FE; only one historical trace.]  Future FE will edit historical 
    traces, with appropriate permissions resolved.
101 Define "variant".
102 Can we filter out the editions (stamps) from the variants (berts)?  
    We have an answer.
103 Where do we put a filter name?
104 What is a representation of a filter?
105 Docs and Links representation of a filter name.
106 Does it make any difference if you can change the end of an alarm?
107 Should the recorder and the alarm look the same, (single symbol)?
108 Add a temporary alarm shut-off to menu bar.
109 Filtering for alarming vs. filtering for recording.
110 Soft alarm for when you're finished with "not wanting to see" 
111 Too many features.
112 How complex should the abstractor be?  Beta - first 5 words.
    Mid-Beta - nice abstractors.
113 Distinguish abstracted from created description.
114 Should we display the author/edit club instead of just edit club? 
115 Naming berts.  Where do we store the name of the bert?


116 Multi-bert context field (multiple contexts). Is this the same issue 
    as #63?


117 Icons:  empty and full circles and squares
118 Backfollowing archived links.  Can't do this.
119 Ravi, Dean and Markm need meeting for stepping through backfollow 
120 Disc layout.  Where do you store the existence of link on the disc?  
121 Where is link end description stored?
122 How is a link end description linked to a link?
123 Inconsistency of creating separate links by clicking on multiple 
    filled squares and circles.


No issues.


124 Do children not seen in flatview have the same nesting property?
125 Possibility:  Don't allow selection to cross boundaries.
126 Replace scrollbars in a flat view (when considering various 
    levels of granularity) when we can't calculate size.


127 How small can we make the ruler?
128 Full-fledged nested window system.  For the Mac, requires 
    reimplementation of the title bar.  Easy on other systems.
129 Making it possible to read smoothly.  This takes up more screen 
    space, especially in Open Look.
130 When user traverses to inclusion list, what should it look like?  
    Now, just headlines.  Possible opening of the included inclusion 
    in place.


131 Change alarm icon from a clock.
132 Should we let user make several endsets into an endset?
133 FE - Pop-up windows for various endsets.