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Minor Cxx Browser glitches

"remove" on the method browser menu doesn't actually remove the
method, it only makes it no longer part of the Cxx organization.
Similarly with several other "remove"s.  I have consistently found
this confusing.  In general I think confusion would be reduced if the
method categories & the methods themselves were according to the
Smalltalk organization, with the Cxx organization only contributing
knowledge of which methods are "Inline".  Does this make sense?  Is it
doable (without a lot of trouble)?

When I change a class definition & accept (which causes a recompile),
all methods are lost from the Cxx organization.  I then get them back
with a "add protocols,methods".  Whereupon all changes I've made to
the Cxx organization but not to the Smalltalk organization are lost.

P.S.  I may be using other than the latest edition of the Cxx browser.