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Re: "Version" Aversion -- not me!

The only thing I disagree with in these discussions it the
pressure to avoid the term version.  Edition is just fine for
frozen points in docspace.  I have always used version to mean something 
even broader than the rest of us.  I take version to mean and
document that contains any stuff shared with any other document.  
This is because the version comparison routines return a non-NULL answer
when asked about the relationship of the two documents.  

I propose to continue using version for this extended idea of relationship,
and assist looking for more restrictive terminology for the less interesting
special cases.

The difference in perspective mostly results from my veiw of xanadu as
mostly a version mgt./ cut&paste tool  of the parallel-textface model,
where the idea of documents with titles and suchlike is mostly non-existant,
and where it exists is secondary.