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Re: "Version" Aversion

> From bobp Fri Dec 15 15:00:15 1989
> ...
> I like Ravi's "edition" suggestion a lot, and plan to incorporate 
> it into my work. And while "variation" doesn't deliver quite 
> the persusasive impact that "edition" packs, I'm reasonably happy 
> with it in the absence of a better suggestion. However, I agree 
> with you that we should try and avoid using the term "version" 
> to reference both "editions" and "variations". I say "try" because 
> I have very little confidence in our ability to moderate the 
> habitual abuse "version" receives, either internally or externally.

I suggest "variant" rather than "variation" when referring to the
document/bert identity.  "Variation" connotes the pure differences
and/or the act of applying the differences to make a variant, more
strongly than it connotes the variant edition itself.