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"Version" Aversion

Date: Tue, 12 Dec 89 11:44:08 PST
   From: ravi (Ravi Pandya)

   May I suggest the term "edition"? It has a fairly strong notion of
   something frozen in time, and editions are generally sequential (1st,
   2nd, etc.) but are strongly related to each other. (Although there are
   also foreign-language editions, but that is a rarer usage.) Thus we
   can compare the "December 3rd edition of MarcS's variation" with the
   "December 11th edition of BobP's variation", and see what difference
   there is between the two "versions".

"Edition" sounds good to me for what I was using the term "state" for
(frozen contents of a document / Stamp).  We still need a name for
what I was calling "version" (identity of a document / Bert).  After
this email discussion I'm more convinced than ever that we should drop
"version" because everyone else seems to have been using them to
denote a Stamp-like thing instead of a Bert-like thing.  Terminology