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the Cxx Browser

Well, it's finally ready!  The Smalltalk CxxBrowser provides the
following wonderful functions:

  Organizes Smalltalk classes by file (group).
   provides for public, private and test header files,
     public and test cxx files, AND
     public, private and test inline header files.

  The browser allows the groups, individual files and classes to be commented,
  Each file may have it's own hxxHeader section.

  After a class is added to a file, the protocols and methods may be added
  quickly because a list of the Smalltalk browser protocols and methods
  are provided in a menu.

  I did provide for the normal editting of classes and methods, although
  it may be debatable whether we should use this browser (rather than the
  normal one) for this.

  There are hooks for opaque class definitions and automatic include file

  And, for those who actually compile the c++, I have several fileout
  requests which allow for filing out everything, just the implementation
  (p.hxx and x.cxx) and just the test files.

  The browser has a number of limitations, not the least of which is that I
  just used the Smalltalk browser as its basis and it's an ugly chunk of code...
  I got tired of farting around with this thing, so I shortcutted a number
  of places.  So, it works anyway.... we'll go for pretty some other year.

  Available NOW in your favorite st80/cxxbrow directory!

damn telnet locked up again...