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Re: Third Party Suicide?

> From mark Tue Nov 21 01:49:57 1989
> I've also got a meeting with Roland tomorrow on the increadibly wierd
> idea of a C++ to C++ converter that is mostly just a copy program, but
> does such things as turned "for"s into "while"s.  We'll let everyone
> know how plausible it all looks.  If it works, it would be a
> completely portable C++ implementation that implements more of the
> specs than AT&T's.  Wierd.

YEAH!  Another level of translation!

[ gpp -> formic -> ] gpp -> newThingie -> gpp -> cfront -> cpp -> c1 -> c2 -> asm -> ln
\-------- ? -------/

Somebody contact Guiness!


(Nevertheless, it oughta work.  Let the computer darn your socks.  Let
 the computer make your breakfast.  Let the computer do your windows...)