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InfoFactory New Images

In preparation for our Capabilities Review for the InfoFactory 
frontend, I have created new, revised pictures of its appearance. 
You can find these revised views in "frontend pictures" in my 
Tops folder "current work". They are all done in SuperPaint.


1) Since I also use these slides for explaining the InfoFactory 
to new people, I have broken the pictures up into smaller, more 
digestible pieces: there are 3 pictures of the the basic document, 
named Passage 1, Passage 2, and Passage 3 (I am currently calling 
the "basic document" a "passage" until we come up with an even 
better name, something to invent next year. I confess, I am sort 
of fond of "passage"; it suggests that the edges of the document 
are soft, and that these things can and should be mixed and matched, 
which is all true). 

The first picture shows a really stripped  down Passage; the 
second introduces the link pane; and the third introduces the 
link edit pane.

2) The link edit pane, you say? Yeah, the link edit pane. After 
much soul searching, I have eliminated the link edit window and 
expanded the 1-line expanded link pane at the bottom of the main 
window to 2 lines, so you can edit the link right there while 
you're looking at it. Someday after the Capability Review we'll 
have a Design Review on this stuff.

3) I have taken a fierce editing pen to the collection of stuff 
we had in the panel at the top of the window,  pushing everything 
into the menu bar that I could imagine pushing.

3) There are now pictures for the flatview. The flatview does 
not include any of the visual concepts recently proposed by markm 
and dean. This is all still minimalist stuff.

4) Also, the permissions groups are set with a dialog box not 
a popup, and we have a Link To popup in the top panel rather 
than a Link Window/Link Thru popup. 

If you're curious about the reasons for any of these changes, 
come pound on me in my office.