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Re: if (c++ && x++)

>From heh Mon Nov 27 23:11:00 1989
	  My reaction to the low road is that it is a bit too low...  This may be
	an acceptable thing to provide, but should be the basis of a small library
	that provides higher level function so that *each and every* C developer
	doesn't create a set of C functions to do the same simple operations.  Of
	course, we might just do that and let them know about a network where they
	can buy and sell code libraries...

Look at the 88.1 library.  It has little but FEvm and the febe interfaces.
What else do developers want in C?  Suggestions highly appreciated.

There is a lot they don't want.  Most application  code falls into this category.
They don't want display code.  They don't want user interface code.  What else is there?
They do need a working example, a complete application in C, that shows how the pieces
fit together.