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MultiBert EndSets

In response to markm's discussion of multibert endsets, he asks 
one particular question:

  When would you need
  multi-Ended EndSets?  I'd like to postpone them for a while.
  (especially until we have the time to think through "Stamping 
  Out PartKeys")

Without multi-Ended Endsets, the frontend will behave poorly 
with some natural, though infrequent, linking behaviors. So I'd 
say we don't need multi-Ended Endsets for Alpha of the frontend, 
but we will need them for Beta.
Your descriptions of how to visually depict the inclusion relationship 
(reference or containment or other, more subtle relationships) 
sound intriguing, though schedule-lengthening, unless dean's 
FM stuff supports it directly (and even then, it sounds to me 
like it's schedule-lengthening for the Mac). I can imagine uses 
for the TableTop endset, though that should surely not be the 
default when you traverse a link (particularly since we won't 
have real tabletops till Release 1.1). I will show you pictures 
of the  flatview of the inclusion list this week, and you or 
dean can show me what your design would look like.