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if (c++ && x++)

Achh!  There's a viper in our midst!  :-)  I enjoyed reading your
message.  I have a few reactions, though not to the main point.

If we want people to develop in X++, we will have to write our own
introduction and manual for the language.  Fearsome as that is,
starting from scratch is probably much easier than dealing with C
flavored C++.  They'll also grok our tools a lot quicker that way.
WRT to your main point, we almost certainly have no time to write such
an introduction and language manual to X++.  Anyone who's going to use
our frontend building kit (if we have such a thing) MUST do do in X++.
We can't rebuild FM and Compositors and C! (I realize you're not
suggesting that...).

One other thing.  Remember that you're learning code and designs that
are in a state of flux.  That increases the seeming complexity a little.

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