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Amix confidential disclosures at Comdex

We're just back from Comdex where we talked to a handful of key analysts and
press people under nondisclosure.  We did our best to look presentable, act
reasonably civilized, explain the AMIX business clearly, and show the software
(which performed VERY NICELY INDEED.  Thank you, Software Development!).

We have started the process of making sure our story is understood by a few
key people who will frequently be asked, "And what do you think of AMIX?"

Naturally, some of the confidential information we needed to disclose is
now going to start leaking.  We're expecting it, in fact planning on it:
we're entering the period of "The AMIX mystery".

For example, this week's Mac the Knife rumor column talks about AMIX.
Naturally we can neither confirm nor deny these or other rumors at this time.
That's part of the fun.

If someone asks you, for example, if the statements in Mac the Knife's column
are true (Is AMIX an online service?), or other statements (Is AMIX building
an FTL transportation device?), it's an opportunity to look knowingly, keep
mum, and let the mystery build.  If the questioner becomes persistent in
trying to Find Out What's Going On, feel free to just turn them over to Jan or
Gayle or myself.  Thanks.

P.S.  The reactions at Comdex were very favorable.  I've been accused of
understatement at times, so let me put this a little more strongly:

		They really, really liked it...