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Set & Table hierarchy

Date: Wed, 15 Nov 89 20:11:40 PST
   From: ravi (Ravi Pandya)

      Date: Tue, 14 Nov 89 12:23:56 PST
      From: mark (Mark S. Miller)

      What do the "mutable" & "immutable" messages to a ScruSet mean?  

   I meant them to mean asMuSet and asImmuSet, and I agree that they
   should be renamed as such. All three (Mu/Scru/Immu) should be defined
   in ScruSet so that they can be used polymorphically.  Likewise for

Which of the following two equations hold:

Set * p = muSet (...);

1) p->asMuSet() === p

2) p->asMuSet() === p->asImmuSet()->asMuSet() === p->copy()

?  I would argue that the second is correct.

   A related issue is whether Mu's will support Immu protocol as well. I
   don't think that they need to -- you can just say