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Re: it's out!

1.  Well, the truth is that we had two bugs which involved writing
values to places in memory that are no-nos.  For reasons we don't
understand, these bugs had no bad effects on previous Macs, but
cause fatal crashes on the IIci.  However, I don't think we want to
say this.
    We could probably say something like, "The memory architecture
of the Macintosh IIci is different from previous Macintoshes.  The
patcher program corrects a minor incompatibility between AutoCAD
and the new memory architecture.  After a copy of AutoCAD has been
patched, it will work on Macintoshes having both the new and old
memory architectures."

2. Yes, there is a proper name, and it's trademarked.  However, I don't
know what it is.  Apple occasionally puts out a list of "these are our
trademarks and this is how you use them" instructions.  I hope to
have a copy for you later today.