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steppers, tables, pseudoConstructors and encapsulation.

During the discussions yesterday, one of the items we passed quickly over
was the use of pseudoConstructors for steppers rather than an explicit
message in tables (stepper) to get a stepper on a table.  After thinking
about this a bit more, I will still defend the pseudo-constructor approach.
  Here's why:

  If there is a stepper message in the table classes, each table knows the
"best" kind of stepper to create for themselves.  At least they must know
>some< appropriate kind of stepper.  This then requires that the table classes
know something of the stepper classes.  This is ok, because they really only
need to know a little.  (unless there is a very special stepper optimized
for a particular table class).
  On the other hand, steppers must know something about the table implementation
to be able to >efficiently< step over the table  (This is already the case
for HashTables - where the stepper for them knows about 2 extra table methods
created for stepping, and HashTableEntries).  I know that a stepper can be
created without breaking any encapsulation, but it would require a lot more
run-time work.  My point here is that in order to get the best efficiency,
one class needs to know a fair amount about the other (which I accomplish
by having the stepper use the implementation class directly, rather than
knowing only about MuTable).  If the stepper already knows a fair amount,
then the stepper pseudoconstructor can also know which stepper is best for
a particular table class, and fall back to a general implementation when it
can't identify a particular table.
  I think this approach is essentially the same as a table message (just
reverse the points-of-view) and a bit more practical, in that steppers know
more about tables than tables know about steppers.
  A counter to this argument is that a particular table class can know
generally what kind of stepper is best (IntegerTableStepper for IntegerTables,
wow!) without knowing anything more.
  The question is, is there a real, non-dogmatic reason to go one way or the