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Re: Assignment between strong pointers

> From eric@son-of-blob Tue Nov  7 12:33:17 1989
> 	From: mark@xxxxxxxxxxx (Mark S. Miller)
> 	Overall, my impression is that our source code in C++ is going to
> 	start looking rather awkward (not simply as a result of the above, but
> 	cumulatively from all the little problems).  This makes developing in
> 	Smalltalk that much more attractive (keep the source clean; hide cruft
> 	in the translator).  Unfortunately some of us are stuck for a while.
> The thought of having the translator take care of this stuff for the Smalltalk
> stuff has been a major factor that has allowed me to sleep at night while
> adding all this apparently necessary cruft to the language.  Unfortunately,
> there are probably people in the outside world who aren't going to want to
> use Smalltalk.

Also in the inside world.  Not that I have anything against Smalltalk,
but you may recall my agreement to go with coding in C++ was with the
understanding this would be the LAST new language to learn before first
product.  Do you now intend to promote Smalltalk from a prototyping tool
for the architects to the main coding platform?