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Re: Draft Treaty On Links

dean states:

The problem of managing replicated Bert contexts is a problem that
requires a solution.  Let us STOP considering it only in the light of
embedded vs standalone links.  I propose addressing it in the context
of embedded links just because a correct solution will be more
obviously correct.  (This is one of the extraordinarily successful
Xanadu design strategies).  AGREED?

One of the points I have been trying to express, clearly without
success, is that the replicated Bert contexts must be considered
in light outside the embedded/standalone issue. Assuming we used the
draft compromise for Release 1.0, we have to address the Bert contexts
issues in the presence of both embedded and standalone links, since
we have both kinds. My current suspicion is that Bert context selection
is orthogonal to embedded/standalone decisions, though one can imagine
that an innovative solution to the Bert context problem would shed
some light on embedded and standalone links.

I will restrain myself from responding to the other points; we need
more bandwidth. No doubt we also need to have a meeting, so everyone
can express their certainties. We'll discuss a time for such a
Debating Society meeting at the weekly planning meeting.